Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We've Been Framed!

And now a word from our sponsor...

Not only can you purchase an official "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" T-Shirt but we now have Backglasses and Hand-Crafted Frames as the perfect compliment to this unique piece of art.

The frames, just like the rest of the project, are painstakingly hand-crafted with major TLC by Dennis Nordman. You're not going to find a better way to frame this backglass at a price like this - craftsman quality at an affordable price. Dennis takes several steps to get the frames weathered to look just like the Fruit Crate wood used on the custom cabinet for the game. The frames themselves are a work of art - no two frames are exactly alike - this ain't no mass production! And we finish them off with a custom Whizbang Pinball metal tag for authenticity.

These frames are ready to hang (hardware already attached)...just peel off the protective liner from the front of the acrylic and you're ready to enjoy some new custom pinball art. Looks great in almost any decor...

You can purchase the Backglass, Framed Backglass, and Official "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" T-Shirts at www.pinballlife.com - just go to the Whizbang Pinball Store on the site. And while you're there take a look at the rest of the site for all your pinball needs.

We delivered the backglasses and frames to Terry at Pinball Life World Headquarters last week. He now has one hanging in his office. Thanks Terry!

(Glass size is 24.25" x 26" - Frame size is 31" x 32.5")

Thanks for the continued support and happy shopping!

G & D

All art, sketches, or photos related directly to "Whizbang Pinball" or "Whoa Nellie (Brand) Big Juicy Melons" or "Whoa Nellie (Brand) Sweet Juicy Melons" are TM and Copyright 2009 WhizBang Pinball LLC, Greg Freres, and Dennis Nordman.

Photos on this post courtesy G. Freres and T. Dezwarte

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  1. I'm offended. Those melons are way too small! LD