Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Long Time, No Blog, eh?

Apologies for not keeping this blog more up-to-date but things have been way-out-of-control busy for us as the melon project gets closer to harvest time.

We have made great strides this summer on "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" custom pinball and now have most everything working properly, with just a few clean-up items left to go. If you are headed to Pinball Expo in Chicago this month (October 20 - 24, 2010), we will be trucking this stack-o-crates to "market" and have the game there - playable! You'll be seeing a "nearly complete" game! (Note: The term "nearly complete" refers to a playable game with most of the artwork completed and printed...with the exception of the playfield and plastics... slacker artist ran out of time.)

But listen up, kids! There's more! We will also be selling the official "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" BACKGLASS at Expo or you can get on the pre-order list by contacting us at our email address, The backglass art was completed in early September and we'll be press-proofing the first run sometime next week! It looks something like this...

These official "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" backglasses will be silk-screen printed, 4-color process, on 26 X 24.25", 1/8 inch (.118) clear acrylic. We chose acrylic over tempered glass for weight, ease of shipping, and general safety (We've seen too many tempered backglasses go "POP" for almost no reason.) They will also have a white and opaque layer printed for lighting in the game (or lightbox.)Each piece comes with a pre-masked protective liner to protect the front surface from scratches. Each backglass will be packed with care a slip-sheeted for more protection to the printed surface.

But wait, there's more! Whizbang Pinball will also be offering Custom Frames to proudly display this unique piece of pinball history. The frames will be hand-crafted at the Whizbang Studio, weathered and aged to fruit-crate perfection, ready-to-hang on your gameroom, workshop, office, or living room wall (hey, it is ART), and emblazened with an official Whizbang Pinball metal tag to let you know you're buying an "authentic" Whizbang product.

AND, if we get enough interest, we will also be offering the ultimate in gameroom must-haves, an Offical Authentic Custom Whizbang Pinball Lightbox to illuminate those Big Juicy Melons! Built with the same hand-craftsmanship as the Custom Frame! It will almost be like owning the game - just place the lightbox on top of another playfield, strap it down, and press start!

The cost of the backglass only is $300(USD). Price of the Whizbang Custom Frame or Lightbox will be determined by Expo showtime. And cost of shipping and handling will be determined once we have the finished backglass in stock.

So don't the first on your block, in your league, or at the office or bar to own an official "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" backglass and frame - a truely unique piece of Pinball history.

Hope to see you at Expo! If you're interested in owning one of the THREE custom games that we're building we can arrange a time at Expo to discuss this further.

We have more to blog about and get you caught up next time when we show you what we did with our lazy, hazy summer. (Hazy, yes, lazy, not so much.) As a wise man once sang, " painted kites, those days and nights, went flying by."

And this just in...if you are anywhere near Lake Delevan or Lake Geneva area in Wisconsin, a place called The Purple Onion is now carrying official "Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons" t-shirts. And very soon other Whizbang Pinball merchandise. The Purple Onion is located on County Road "O" between US Route 14 and South Shore Drive, next to Millie's Restaurant. Tell 'em Whizbang sent ya!

See you at Expo!


All art, sketches, or photos related directly to "Whizbang Pinball" or "Whoa Nellie (Brand) Big Juicy Melons" or "Whoa Nellie (Brand) Sweet Juicy Melons" are TM and Copyright 2009 WhizBang Pinball, Greg Freres, and Dennis Nordman.