Monday, April 26, 2010

Whoa Nellie! First Flip on Youtube

Here's another video of the Whoa Nellie whitewood "first flip" recorded and edited by one of our new pinball friends David Pizon at the Midwest Gaming Classic that he posted on Youtube. Thanks again David!

And here's another Youtube video from the original unveiling of the project last fall at Pinball Expo 2009.

And one more in this multi-media series...this is a podcast interview on a new pinball fan site called SpookyPinball .com - it's Charlie and KT's first ever podcast that they recorded in Milwaukee as well. Click on the "podcast" button on their home page to hear what Spooky Pinball is all about and our interview starts around 21:30. They warned us that the interview questions would be unique and they were correct. Fun stuff from more new friends of the silver ball. Thanks Charlie for inviting us to be your first...victims. (Interview followed by the Psychostick classic "Beer Is Good".)

Next time we'll have a few pictures from the Rocky Mountain Pinball Shootout and an update on the playfield progress.

G & D

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