Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Project - Not Just a Facelift

After we brainstormed over 100 ideas on the plane trip home from Seattle it took about a week to think it all through to come up with what could be our first Project. We basically skimmed over the logistics of not only re-skinning a classic game from the glory days of pinball, but taking it one-step-beyond a simple facelift. In hindsight, we could have chosen a better playing "classic" game to build our custom work upon but sometimes things happen for a reason.
Rewind briefly, previous to the Seattle show, back in 2006 Dennis and I were part of an exhibit at the Cedarhurst Museum in downstate Mt. Vernon, Illinois called "Tilt: The Art of Pinball". At that show Dennis had seen an old Gottlieb woodrail game from 1957 called "Continental Cafe", found out is was for sale, and ended up purchasing it because he liked the retro look and feel of the old electro-mechanical games from the '50's and '60's. He had no previous experience collecting, playing, or fiddling with EM games before this purchase. Merely a casual admirerer.

So here we are, using the Continental Cafe game that Dennis bought for no other reason than to enjoy its vintage-ness, and using it as our first "platform" for the wild-hair idea that was born in the Land of Hendrix. Eventually we'll get our posts caught up with where we are at today, but for now we'll continue with some catch-up posts to show the steps we've taken so far.

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